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  • Ginestra™ is the ideal tool for device reliability prediction

    Ginestra™ allows simulating and predicting standard Figures of Merit (FoMs) used for assessing the quality and the degradation of the dielectric stacks such as DBD, VBD and SILC.

  • Ginestra™ is designed having the customer in mind.

    A friendly graphical (GUI) interface resembling a standard measurement instrument allows Ginestra™ to be easily used by also non-experts, reproducing on the PC a virtual measurement lab.
  • Ginestra™ comprises dedicated modules for the automatic interpretation of measurements

    Ginestra™ simplifies the calibration of new technologies by exploiting sophisticated algorithms to extract materials and devices properties.
  • Ginestra™ is the ideal tool for the simulation of state-of-the-art and emerging memory devices

    Simulate Flash, charge-trapping Flash, ReRAM, DRAM devices using dedicated modules incorporating the most advanced physical models accounting for charge and ion transport and dielectric structural modification inside dielectric stacks.
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  • Virtual Measurement

    Perform electrical experiments as in a real measurement lab
  • Prediction

    Predict electrical performances & reliability also at the statistical level
  • Down to the Atoms

    A direct link between microscopic materials properties and device electrical characteristics
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Ginestra™ TCAD tool can speed up

the semiconductor technology development

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  • Costant / ramped voltage stresses. From accellerated to real operation conditions. Full stastistics included.

  • "Dielectric-based" devices (e.g Flash); Novel devices based on mixed electronic / ionic transport (RRAM, selectors)

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  • "We appreciate much Ginestra for its simplicity of use and completeness in physics aspects. It speeds up the calibration and validation on our own physics-based model for RRAM devices."

    Carlo Cagli, Research Engineer al CEA-Leti

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